Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Would You like a Side of Germs With That?

I really hate having to work when I feel like butthole.  Released my shift and even texted everyone that wasn't already scheduled.  We have 55 servers that work at our restaurant and I couldn't get a one to cover for me.  The GM tried to call one of the stand-by people and couldn't get ahold of them, so I had to work anyway.  I know I wouldn't like someone serving and boxing up my food that was sick.  It started out with about 1 1/2 weeks of a funky stomach and headache and now is in my chest, sinus, sore, dry throat and coughing.  I didn't get ANY sleep last night due to the funky stomach and coughing.  I had to drink an energy drink just to get through my shift.  Then one of the male servers says to me-Ya, know-you shouldn't drink those when you are sick, they ruin your immune system.  I don't think it could be any fucked-up than it already was and I needed the extra energy or I wouldn't have made it.

Most of the tips today were just kinda "Meh".  Had maybe one good one.  Luckily only one table really irritated me.  The lady supposedly has a shattered knee and broken bones in her foot held together with all kinds of pins and screws, but wasn't wearing her "boot."  Generally when you leg is that fucked up, they don't just give you a walking boot.  When I broke my big toe so bad that I had to have surgery, a pin and a screw put it, it took me a l-o-n-g time to get into a boot and off crutches.  It actually felt better with the pressure of the boot on it than without. My foot is still screwed up, but that is another story.  Anyway, she first asks for a booster seat to rest her foot on (she did have a roll-about walker she propped it up on).  Then she wanted "shaved" parmesan cheese with her wine so I had to take a knife and cut some off the block we keep on the POS counter.  Then she wanted her bread NOW and make sure I have some balsamic vinegar.  Can I try the soup, "cause if I like the soup, I want that with my pizza, if I don't like it, then I want the salad with blue cheese on the side.  I want you to leave the prosciutto off and I want lite cheese."  Her daughter says, "Mom, stop it, it's embarrassing!"  She says, "Oh, that's okay, THEY don't mind."  As if we are some subspecies and how do you know WE don't mind.  Ah, yeah, we kinda do.  Then when the food comes out, she wants mustard and ketchup.  What?  For pizza and salad?  Bleh!  Wants another basket of bread. Her daughter ordered taquitos and it is served with a Mexican flag (guac, sour cream and salsa).  Then she decides that she needs some for her salad.  Typically, I should have charged her, the cook almost didn't give it to me, but I was trying to be nice.  Then I had to box up all the food she hardly touched.  I believe I still got 15%, was expecting less, needy people are usually the worst tippers.  But, I think if you are an EXTREMELY needy person, you should compensate your server for all the extra running around.  So, glad I only had one other table at the time, or she would have gotten me behind. I have one regular, either he comes in with his wife and sometimes with all 4 of their kids.  He is very needy, but tips me well for it.

I could have given away my last 3 tables when my relief came on, but decided to keep them even though I felt like butt, so I could have enough to pay my water bill, so it didn't get shut off.

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