Friday, January 7, 2011

Might as Well Pitch a Tent

Well, the day started off with my first two tables waiting for other people.  While they are waiting-I am losing money.  I think that if you are waiting for others, you should wait in the lobby until your party arrives, so that I can continue to make money on people that are ready. 

Then my party of three (who was holding up the table waiting for said third person) turned into a party of two.  All of a sudden they are now in a hurry and have to order RIGHT NOW!   So one of my other tables had to wait.  Then this table proceeds to stay another 45 minutes after they finish their meal-in a hurry my ass-don't lie to me, I hate that!

My four top also decides to camp and then another one of my tables informs me that they have nothing better to do today, so they are going to stay and visit (waaaayyyy after they are done eating)-"Oh, let us know if you need this table."  Yeah!  I do!  That is how I make a fucking living! If you are going to stay in my section and hold up my tables the very least you can do is increase the amount of your tip. Think of it as a state park that charges for pitching your tent.

Then I had the nicest table, they each had a Bloody Mary and a glass of wine and several appetizers.  They told me how great everything was blah, blah, blah.  So, I was really expecting a great tip.  Not $8 on a frickin' $70 check.  Thank you Mr. Schmidt, you royally suck!

Then of course there are always the parents that can't keep an eye on their children. Either they, or the servers, are going to get hurt.  On a busy day we usually have 17 servers, two food runners, one or two bartenders, three bakers, three or four front desk staff and two managers. Our restaurant is huge and people are constantly running in and out of the kitchen, with full hands of food and trays full of drinks, if your little one is toddling around the restaurant someone is bound to get hurt.  What gets me is the parents that let their children cruise around a busy restaurant on heely skates-DUMB!  Those things are dangerous! I remember one server getting the evil from a mom whose kid came barreling down the hall from the bathroom, slammed right into a server's legs and hit the floor. Parents-we are not your babysitters, please curb your children.

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