Monday, January 10, 2011

Camping section again?

The day started out with me jamming a Q-tip into my ear canal after my shower.  I wasn't even aiming for the INSIDE of my ear, but somehow it ended up there.

Well, today was a repeat of yesterday-only worse.  All my tables today with the exception of about 2 started off waiting for others to join and sat and pitched a tent looonnnggg after they were done.  My first table of the day was there for over two and a half hours! They were sitting for about 45 minutes before the rest of their party showed up and made me feel a little off.  The woman kept staring at me like she needed something and I kept walking slowly past their table in case they did, the couple didn't seem to be talking to each other much-just staring at me and making me uncomfortable, boy was I glad when the rest of their party got there. 

Because I had 6 top booths, I only had 3 tables and was bored out of fuckin' skull.  Kat got slammed, so I helped her pre-bus and took one of her deuces. She had 5 tables. Also, ran a LOT of food. I probably could have made double what I made today if it wasn't for all the tents. DAMN IT! (Shakes fist).  Couple of the tips bit too.  The worst one was a fifty some odd check with a $6 tip.  It was a woman that took her 2 young daughters out and made me stand there while she argued with the girls about whether they were going to get a shake or smoothie or have a piece of cheesecake later.  Ya, know, I do have other tables I could be attending to. 

Then there are the requests for waters with lemon, Diet with lemon, water with lime, Diet with lime.  Which means I have to go to the bar to get drinks (we only keep lemons on the line).  We don't automatically serve iced tea or water with lemon, it is by request, but I always seem to get the customers that ask for them.  We also don't automatically serve water with a straw, but it seems like I can always tell which tables are going to ask for a straw and it is always after I have already gotten their water with lemon/lime.  It is usually the middle-aged white woman that doesn't tip for shit.  And because our lemonade is about $4.95 a glass (but it is refillable and like diabetes in a glass) we always get can I have a big glass of water, a dish of lemons and a sugar caddy (cheap bastards).

Then there is one of the dishwashers that slammed into me with a bus cart.  Um, sorry, excuse me, didn't see you there, something would be appropriate to say in this instance.  Not just to be completely ignored and silence.  This is the same dishwasher that has no personality, doesn't smile and smells like BO.  Not sure if he speaks English, but you can smile, bathe, and be considerate, even if you don't speak the language.

I guess the money wasn't too bad considering how much effort I put into it, but makes me irritated knowing that I probably could have doubled the amount if I could have turned my tables around quicker. suck!

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