Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ghost Town

Today was VERY slow.  Had a tiny rush, but not much.  Everyone was phased pretty early.  One of my first table was there for 2 hours.  Took them FOREVER to order-they were showing off pictures and "visiting".  Tips were also very "Meh" again today.  Not extremely bad, but not good either.  My last table left me $5 on $43.  When I asked her if she wanted a refill on iced tea, she said, "No, I have a disability and it is hard for me to lift the glass."  Huh?  For one, you don't have to lift the glass to drink out of it and two, I don't really need an explanation of why you don't want any, "no" is fine.

Jasmina asked if I could stay in her section when I get phased, I told her I was still on the floor and see how I feel when I do.  I decided that I would stay, since I didn't make Jack today.  When I asked her if she still wanted me to stay, she said no. Then after I had all my sidework done and had already cashed out, she said "Oh, I didn't realize what time it was, could you please stay for me?"  What?  I'm all done with everything.  I can't stay now.

On the way home, I was going around the curve on the on-ramp to the connector and my car started sliding.  There is a drop-off on each side.  WTF?  I didn't think it was cold enough for there to be ice on the road.  Hope it is not my tires.

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