Friday, November 30, 2012

Soup and Water

So today we had a small rush, but it ended before 2 pm. V (floor manager) tried to phase someone from my section, but no one wanted to leave. I was the unfortunate one, although, technically, since I was the last on, I should have been the one to stay. I told V, I only had $2 in my checking account and needed to make at least some money for gas to get home and something for dinner. He said one of the other servers wanted to leave and I could have her section, but it was full and she only let me take one of the tables. V said he would seat me a table in another section.....just water and dessert table. F Me. Finally got some tables cleared out, but then it was dead. I eventually got sat a few more tables before I was phased, but the tables were all extremely low sales. Soup and water. Soup, salad and water, split a burger. F Me again. So, when I got phased I had just one table and was already bored as fuck. Why does it always seem that your last table just happens to be the slowest eaters on the face of the planet? At least I ended up making enough for dinner and gas.

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